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Jun 26, - ALL Walmart employees are drug tested when hired. Pre employment testing is used to try to determine which candidates may be less “"  Does Walmart conduct drug tests pre-employment even. Jun 28, - Walmart only does pre-employment drug tests for certain positions, cashier is not one of them. Beyond that, they'll only test you if you transfer to a position that  Walmart drug test after orientation?? - walmart - Reddit.

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I interviewed at Walmart. Interview. If you get called for an interview, you can pretty much guarantee that you have the job unless you fail the drug test or are a. Do they drug test? Asked April 26, In Knoxville Tn. Walmart Drug Test for Cashier. Answered January 5, | See 34 answers  ‎What kind of drug test does · ‎Does wal mart drug test in the · ‎Do they drug test? Jan 15, - Walmart routinely conducts drug tests on employees at random. This ensures that employees remain clean for the duration they are working for.
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